Stop Smoking Using EFT!

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I've never written a blog before and I thought this would be a good way to share my passion about a healing technique called EFT which stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques". It's a tapping thing you do with your fingers on the meridian points on your body (acupuncture points) and to learn you can go to my site and download "How to do EFT" free.

I have many successful stories using EFT in my practice. I have been a hypnotherapist for 15 yrs. Since I have discovered EFT, I have watched many people get faster results than with hypnotherapy. Don't get me wrong, hypnotherapy is wonderful and you can do great inner child work getting to the core issue but EFT cuts down more "emotional trees" in one session than hypnotherapy ever did. EFT is my main technique now helping people rid themselves of their unresolved issues so they can open themselves to a place of emotional freedom and peace.

Here is one of my experiences using EFT with a smoker:

Larry came to my stop smoking class here in NY at the Learning Annex. He has been smoking non stop for 28 years.He never tried to quit as he also had a drug problem using heroin and cocaine as I learnt when he came to me privately.Presently he has stopped the drugs but says he has slipped. He had such passion to stop smoking, I had this gut feeling he would stop.I asked for a volunteer to come up and work on the issues that keep them a smoker for all those years and I was not surprised that he raised his hand.

The session went like this:

He told me he smokes 2 packs a day and his fear was if he stopped smoking he didn't feel he had the control to be able to handle the urges and cravings and that would embarrass him ? . I asked him when he picks up a cigarette, when is it and he said all the time. He picks it up in the morning before and after coffee,breaks at work, when he's frustrated and angry etc.I asked him "what does smoking represent for you?" He said to relax and be carefree.
I asked him"What is the downside of quitting?He said being irritable,edgy, nervous, gaining weight. He wondered how is he going to relax after he quits?
I asked him"What is the upside of quitting?" He said he will be able to breath better,more energy,smelling better,and saving money.

I asked him what accomplishments he has had in his life? He said he is doing alright for himself financially. He is self educated in finances.

This is what we tapped on:

I asked him 0-10 his fear of not trusting himself to stop smoking and he was a 10

So he tapped on the side of his hand as he repeated:

"Even though I've been smoking for 28 yrs, 2 packs a day and never tried to stop and I'll be embarrassed if I can't stop, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself"
"Even though I've been smoking too many years to change, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself"
"Even though I'm convinced I'll always crave tobacco,I'm a slave to it and I'm out of control, I deeply and completely love and accept all of me"

Eyebrow- smoking 28 yrs 2 packs a day and embarrassed
Side of Eye- smoking 28 yrs 2 packs a day and embarrassed
Under Nose- I've been a slave and out of control
Chin- out of control
Collar bone- out of control and embarrassed
side of rib- out of control
Top of head- embarrassed and out of control

He took a deep breath and his number went down half way to 5

I asked him what's up for right now and he said what about that morning cigarette?

We did another round :

"Even though I need that morning cigarette with my coffee, and I don't know how I'm going to do without it I deeply and completely love and forgive myself"
"Even though I need that morning cigarette with my coffee, and I don't know how I'm going to do without it I deeply and completely love and forgive myself"
"Even though I gotta have that cigarette with my morning coffee I wonder if I can consider tapping that cigarette away?"

EB- needing that morning cig
SE- boy, how am I gonna do without that morning cig
UE- that morning cig
UN-that need for a morning cig
CH-considering change
CB- don't ask me to change
side of rib- I can change if I want to, I'm in control now
Top of head- I chose to be calm and relaxed

The sud's level went down to a 1

Larry wrote me and asked me "What did you do to me?" I haven't picked up a cigarette since I saw you! I told him he just just took control of your mind.
He's has taken his control back and was thrilled how this simple technique was so powerful.

"I can't believe when I left your class I had no desire to smoke.What did you do to me? My family loves you! They are so happy with me, and they thank you. They been trying to get me to quit for years. I have health issues, and smoking wasn't helping.So far so good... still tapping and not smoking." I listen to your stop smoking CD everyday.

Larry made an appt with me the following week to work on reinforcement and other issues. He has made leaps and bounds having more confidence in himself and enjoys the feeling of deserving to be free of those nasty cigs.

You can get relief with any emotion using EFT. I invite you to visit my site and go to the founder of EFT

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog

Annie Siegel